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Canon Characters

You've checked the main community and now you want to be a member of Witches'n'Wizards. Fill out this template and post it as a comment. The moderators will vote either a simple 'yes' or 'no'. Good luck!
Real Name:
Personal LJ:
AIM Screenname:
General RPG Experience:
Character Experience:
Character LJ:
Character AIM Screenname:
Sample Entry: (at least one paragraph in 1st person)
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Real Name: Emily
Personal LJ: holypooontoast
AIM Screenname: GreenMNM1110 or BadDobby03
General RPG Experience: I've done a few Harry Potter RPGs before, but I'm generally kind of new at this.
Character: Blaise Zabini (girl)
Character Experience: I've never been Blaise before, if that's what you mean. But I've always wanted to because she's never really mentioned in the books and so you can actually create her character yourself without making her an OOC.
Character LJ: greenandsilver3
Character AIM Screenname: greenandsilver3
Sample Entry: (at least one paragraph in 1st person)
Mother wrote today. She told me the same thing as she always does in her letters; be a good girl in school, and for the Dark Lord's sake, Blaise, find a friend! She treats me as if I were a particularly unpopular five-year-old. When, in reality, I am actually a particularly unpopular sixteen-year-old. Is it honestly my fault that the others in my house don't talk to me? Or that I choose not to talk to them? Well, maybe that IS my fault... oh well. I'm well accustomed to my loneliness, thank you very much. Pansy Parkinson tells me, on a regular basis, that I am either as shy as a Hufflepuff, or as stuck up as a Gryffindor. And neither, she tells me, is a good thing.
I'm saying yes. The looking at what her mother said could ahve been written a bit different but I'm oksy with it. Plus, I usually see Blaise as a guy. I like the change.

still Yes
Nice. I will also say yes.
I like the audtion alot, so I will have to say Yes.