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New char for me

Hey Guys, I've decided to creat a new OC character for myself (and for Harm, he's gonna be her besttest friend!! ^_-)

Character: Joey Smith
Character Experience: N/A
Character LJ: happy_jo_lucky
Character AIM Screenname: N/A

Brief Character History(magical background, etc.): Joey Smith is a happy, nice, bouncy, caring, alround kinda guy. His mother is a muggle born witch and his father is a muggle. Joey is the eldest of three children (Paul- 14, no magical abilities and Kelly- 8, hard to tell if she is or isn't a witch). Joey was brought up a muggle whilst learning magic from his mother as she used it around the home. His mother works in a post (muggle) office and his father is a doctor. Jo is gay and his family knows but only one person at Hogwarts knows this as he feels that it's nobody's bussines so he doesn't deny it either. He says he's not in the closet because people know but you don't see straight people going around showing off their hetrosexuality so he reasons he should have to do so because he's different. The one person that knows at Hogwarts is Harmony Weatherward.

Appearance: 5"6, longish (he can tie it in a little pony tail, when lose it's an inch above his shoulders)straight, sandy blond hair. Thin and slightly taned with hazel eyes. Strong, but not sharp, facial features. Slightly muscular body build. His hair is usualy tied back losely.

Brief Personality Overview: He's fun, friendly, bubbly and kind but not hyper active. In fact, he's quite lade back and mature at times. He's the kind of guy that says `hi` or smiles at people in the hallway, reagrdless of if he knows them or not. He loves to read and hang in small crowds (only one person if he had it his way) as he tends to get quite and shy in larger groups. He doesn't care what background a person has, what house they are in or even if they don't like make friends as he'll befriend anyone who he targets (and sometimes even goes as far as being friend's with a person in secret, as is the case with his best friend Harmony). Jo hates fights and just wants everybody to be mellow and happy like him.

Sample Entry: Well, I spent my evening talking to Harm whilst she did her coolie gymnastic stuff. `Parently she's made friends with a Gryffindor girl. I like to think that it was thanks to my wonderful personality rubbing off on her (and after 6 years it's about time too!). Maybe now she'll see that being in Slytherin doesn't mean having an out-of-house friend will get you lynched.
Anyway, mum and dad are still unsure about Kelly, they want me to look up when the oldest a child can be before you know they aren't magical. She is 8 after all, if she did have abilities it would only be 3 years until she would be coming to Hogwarts. I don;t know how I would feel if she was a witch.
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Yes. I approve.

And like I was telling you, Gemini is so making friends with him!! She'd love him to pieces!!
Yay! Friends for Jo!! ^_^
The she could be friends with Harm and that'll make all kind`sa trouble between her and Scorpio!
YAY! A HUFFLE! I was dying for a Huffle to come along!

I love him...I hug him.....He is great! Ginny likes him....gwen will later when she's not all I hate people.....
Ya know, this all started out as a joke that Bethany convinced me to acctually do. But she told me to put him in Ravenclaw, I was adament about him being in Hufflepuff! And of course Jo is *my* baby so Hufflepuff it was! ^_^

Jo can't wait to make friends with Gwen and Ginny (He already likes Ginny because she's mates with his best friend Harm ^_-)
The best ideas start out as jokes! Everyone thinks Gwennie should have been a Ravenclaw...but I'm selfish and made her a Gryffindor
Yeah, infact it started off with me semi-teasing Bethany about haveing convos between her two chars and how I was bored and might start doing the same. It just sorta went from there.

I will be having convos between Harm and Jo, `cos I'm crazy like that >_< (plus it's fun ^_-) and I'll get them to talk about really random things (or other chars ^_^!)

Have you seen my convos between fred and Scarlette or Harry and Gwen?

They go on for like 50 comments. It is a sad sad thing. *hangs head* XD

Oh.....we set up the Draco/Gwen post so Jo could jump in if you wanted. But....he might be sort of....well....not happy about that.
*rolls eyes* ^_- Well, seeing as how you've set it all up for me and everything, I can't really so no, can I?

*huffs* Some one could have told me! (j/k!)
I just posted something but not as a reply to your last comment, I did it as a reply to the original post so either one of you could do something with it.

You soooo know you wanted to! I was just helping along the natural order so that when Draco gets all mean you can be like 'Nope! It was Christi's fault! She made me do it!' ^.^
I'll just pass the blame shall I? ^_-
Well it saves me from making Jo's first apperance just talking to Harm!